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Just 2 dollars per night!

Jaime Crazy Ovalle is a small, intimate place to stay where you will feel at home!

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How to get here


Ovalle se encuentra a 88 km. al sur de La Serena, a 404 km. de Santiago y a 179 km. de Los Vilos. Puede llegar:

En Avión
Debe viajar hasta el aeropuerto de La Serena, y desde allí en otro tipo de transporte, tal como bus o automóvil.

En Automóvil
Desde el norte o el sur debe transitar por la Ruta 5 hasta el desvío que lo lleva a Ovalle.

En Bus desde Santiago
Existen salidas diarias desde las ciudades aledañas y desde Santiago. Consulte en los terminales respectivos.queda a solo 5 horas al norte de Santiago hacia la precordillera.
buses que les podemos recomendar
1.-Empresa Pullman Bus
2.- Empresa Carmelita
3.- Tur Bus

Como llegar a Ovalle

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Reservations, are for foreign travelers.
Las reservas, son para viajeros, extranjeros.
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Jaime Crazy en Ovalle Chile, Jaime Crazy Arica Chile ,Jaime Crazy Huarmey Perú
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and work here in Ovalle, Chile.
Jaime Crazy House offers volunteer work, computer and printer repairs in the whole city.
If you are not an expert, don’t worry. Jaime Crazy will help you.
it´s is also a good way to perform Spanish and you get to cash if you plan to travel longer.
It is simple, easy and fun! Just ask the owner. We need Volunteers!


voluntario en ovalle
I commented on the work of volunteer peru jaime crazy
at the time we want a volunteer to take over the bar, the entire administration
The bar has a bit of beer, wine and pisco. some basicas all the profit and money that will sell for you.
you can sell beer at the price you want.
may have to invest some money, but will not be much.
you can BBQ, events, parties, selling food, selling breakfast etc
need a volunteer who speaks English, and fun for tourists, help with information on tour.
no working hours, is free.give a free bed in the hostel, breakfast.
an important point, we would like to volunteer to help us in marketing invite many friends at the hostel

Looking for someone to help me to translate stuff from spanish to english for just 2 days..
good salary. pay well
Empresa Jaime Crazy
please tell your friends that they are travelling through Southamerica.

I am looking for a responsible person(s) with a "can do" attitude. I would love to accomodate someone who has a little marketing experience, who can cook breakfast and/or lunch.
I need someone who is consistent and who is looking to stay anywhere between 3-12 months.
What I offer is a clean room with sheets and towels. Free breakfast and or lunch. There is wi-fi in all rooms, cable tv, and loads of fun to be had. If this sounds like you please contact me to let me know what you can offer in terms of volunteering here
Or visit this link or this one